We have compiled several questions that we frequently receive from founders.

1In which stages do we invest?
We evaluate each investment opportunity depending on the strategic return between that startup and Cencosud. Tentatively, we are willing to participate in early stage startups, from Seed to Series A+, with the possibility of 'follow ons' in successive rounds.
2When is the right time to invite Cencosud Ventures to invest in your startup?
The sooner we get to know you, the better.
We seek to develop solid and lasting relationships for both parties.

Generally, we are invited to invest when we have sized feasible lines of joint work.
3Does Cencosud Ventures invest in startups where angel investors participate?
Yes, we would love to meet you and understand why someone already trusted you.
4In what range does the investment ticket fall?
Between 300 K USD to 5 M USD. The ticket depends more on the size of the round and the percentage available.
5Does Cancosud Ventures invest in successive rounds in the startups in its portfolio?
Yes, as long as we are convinced that it is a good deal for both of us.
6Number of investments per year.
Between 2 and 4 investments per year, but it will depend more on the quality of the projects and the size of the joint venture.
7Cencosud Ventures leads capital raising rounds?
We could do it at earlier stages, but in Series A and A+ we recommend balancing the investors that come to your round, where there are strategic investors like us.
8Is there a priority focus on any specific industry or sector?
Mainly in the areas of:
Retail Services, Future of Commerce, Logistics and Supply Chain and FinTech.

If you consider that your startup does not fall into these verticals but there is a strategic relationship, let us know and we will give you feedback.
9What are the investment criteria?
We invest in founding teams with ambitious and clear visions. They generally solve problems or generate capabilities for retailers like us.

They can be large or small teams but they must have a technological product and service in the market with extraordinary testimonials from their customers.
10Shall we sign NDA?
We as CVC do not.
However, our business units do evaluate it if you require it.
11What is the geographic coverage of the investment?
We invest in startups that want to open operations in Latam. Specifically Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Colombia. And recently in the southeastern USA.
12How long does the process of investing in and connecting with startups take?
It is usually not less than one month.

We seek to develop solid relationships, so if we already work together and have a joint growth plan, the investment is much faster.

We will always be transparent in our timing.
13How do we differ from other CVCs?
Extreme focus on platform.

If we are not convinced that we can make you grow, we don't invest.

Our value proposition is based on the relationship with the managers of the flags and countries in order to scale your innovation with us.

We work hard to position your company at the forefront of our units and leaders.

We co-create KPIs with the business to ensure the link between the startup and the corporation.
14What is Cencosud?
Cencosud S.A. is a Company with presence in five Latin American countries (Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Colombia), in the United States and in China -with a commercial office-, whose operations extend through different business lines: Supermarkets, Home Improvement, Department Stores, Shopping Malls and Financial Services (with a Joint Venture in almost all countries).

As a result of its multi-format strategy, it is one of the most diversified companies in the Southern Cone and has the largest offer of square meters, both in terms of sales area, in the case of Retail, and GLA, in the case of Shopping Malls, reaching a potential market of more than 380 million inhabitants.
15Does Cencosud Ventures have a structured fund?
No. Cencosud Ventures invests directly from the corporate balance sheet.
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